Fayetteville & Van Buren Police Participate In ‘Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye’ Campaign

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- This weekend, multiple police department in our area will be focusing on identifying and arresting drivers who are impaired due to drugs.

The drugged driving enforcement campaign titled "Driving High? Kiss Your License Goodbye" is taking place in multiple states across the country.

"You know, drunk driving has become very out in the open and people are aware of drunk driving," Van Buren detective Jonathan Wear said. "Sometimes they don't understand driving under the influence of a drug, whether that be an illicit drug or a prescription drug, can be just as dangerous or is just as dangerous of driving under the influence of alcohol."

The Fayetteville and Van Buren Police Departments are both participating in the campaign.

"In no shape or form do we condone people using illegal drugs or anything like that, but if you see a friend that's about to drive impaired or intoxicated on any substance just remember that they are not only a danger to themselves, but they are a danger to other people on the road," Fayetteville Sgt. Anthony Murphy said.

Murphy said the Fayetteville Police Department has had weekends like this in the past, where extra patrols have been out cracking down on a certain crime. The focus this weekend is on driving under the influence of drugs.

"There's lots of things an officer looks for when they are looking for an impaired driver, whether it be not turning their headlights on, or not putting their seat belt on or swerving on the road or not turning their turn signal on. You know, there are lots of indicators that would lead an officer to believe that someone is impaired while they are operating a vehicle," he said.

Wear said Van Buren police do expect to see more people under the influence since it is 4/20 weekend.

"It's an important issue here in Van Buren," Wear said. "We have actually had a driver who was killed by somebody who was taking prescription narcotics and then crossing the center line. It was a head-on collision on Highway 59 just south of Van Buren."

Police said the punishment for driving while impaired can vary depending on the judge. Suspects could be charged a fine or receive jail time.

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