Mountainburg Residents Need Help Cleaning Up Tornado Debris

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MOUNTAINBURG (KFSM) -- Mountainburg is calling on any volunteers who want to help clean up after a tornado hit the town April 13.

Jerry Elkins is one of many residents receiving help from neighbors and volunteers. A tree fell on his home a few feet from where he was taking shelter.

"It fell right through here. So, about 10 feet on the other side of that wall. You got lucky? Yeah I know I did I sure did," he said.

Community members came to help residents with their immediate needs, but now it's time to clean up bigger debris left behind. Residents are asking that companies or volunteers who have equipment to come out and help them.

"We just need volunteers with rakes, shovels and kind of finishing up hauling off debris and gathering up debris and getting it to the road. I don't want to say last phase, but our last phase of the volunteer phase," city clerk Melany McKenzie said.

The city is asking volunteers to meet at City Hall Saturday at 10 a.m.

Because so many tress have been destroyed, the Arkansas Forestry Commission will also be handing out trees to plant.

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