Mountainburg Cleanup

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MOUNTAINBURG  (KFSM)  -- Cleanup continues in Mountainburg as residents begin the rebuilding process after an EF-2 tornado hit the town last Friday (April 13) .

On Saturday (April 21),  around 200 volunteers and 15 different companies showed up at City Hall to lend a helping hand.

The problem for some is that there is simply too much for them to get rid of.

"We don't have the equipment that we need. We're working on that, trying to get the equipment and the trucks we need to load it and a place to take it," said Mountainburg resident Rick Kimes.

After the city sent out a call for help, volunteers swarmed to the area hoping to solve some of the problems people like Kimes face.

Some of those volunteers say when they saw what happened here in Mountainburg, it just made sense for them to answer that call.

"We think that it's very sad, and bad, and they need help," said volunteer Konnor Graham

Meanwhile, Kimes continues to help clean up his mother's home.  He is unsure though what the future holds for the piece of land that holds a lot of memories for his family.

"We don't know if she is going to build, or exactly what she is going to do, but we just have to take it day by day. We have to get rid of this and get it all cleaned up first," said Kimes.

Residents around town said the generosity from complete strangers is something they have seen since the tornado hit.  They said they are thankful for these strangers who are willing to do so much for them during this time of need.


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