Students Host A Refugee Awareness Event

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  Fayetteville park-goers had the opportunity to experience what a refugee has to go through when arriving to a foreign country.

On Sunday (April 22), a group of students gathered at Wilson Park to educate people on what it means to be a refugee.

People begin with the refugee camp experience, they start with getting their passport and from there go step by step through a refugee`s journey.

The group's "Students for Refugees" hosted the experience for the second year.

During the journey, people learn facts such as only one-percent of refugees actually get resettled and the average time a refugee spends in a camp is 17 years.

The President of Students for Refugees Grace Lillis said what they hope people will take away from their journey.

"Mostly that they just know more about what a refugee is and what they go through.  The misconceptions cause people to make decisions and we hear a lot from our elected officials, as we should," said Lillis.  "We've elected them, but it's our responsibility to make sure what they are saying is true."

Last year, the group said they had around 500 people take a refugee`s journey in their event, this year they had 160.