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Waste Management Looks To Expand Tontitown Landfill

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TONTITOWN (KFSM) -- Waste Management is hoping to expand its landfill in Tontitown to keep up with the growth of Northwest Arkansas.

They own more than 600 acres in Tontitown, but currently are only using around 100 acres of it as a landfill. They are now wanting to expand.

In the next five years, Waste Management wants to use 22 more acres as a landfill because as water systems and interstates expand, the landfill needs to also.

But Marilyn Beaver and her family don't agree.

“It caused our driveway to be washed out and we couldn't get in and out of our property and each year, there has been about eight flooding in the last 10 years. And each year it's just got gradually worse to where now what was once just a little ditch has now become a creek,” she said.

Waste Management Public Affairs Director, George Wheatley said four of the five times the Beavers reached out to them about this issue we had just had a 100-year flood. They said they have repaired the ditch and offered to permanently fix it.

“We can't do any corrections and make any fixes to our property until they do what they have promised for 10 years. By them doubling the expansion, it's going to double our problem,” he said.

Wheatley said that's because engineers can't guarantee that. Beaver just wants to be able to fix the problem permanently.

Public comment about the potential expansion is open until May 3.

This expansion still has to be approved by several agencies, cities and Washington County before Waste Management will start construction.,

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