Salvation Army Gives Away School Supplies To Local Teachers

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Teachers sacrifice both time and money to do their jobs effectively each day.

However, many teachers in our area got a little financial break on Thursday thanks to a massive school supply giveaway hosted by the Salvation Army of Fort Smith.

Hundreds of teachers from across the area came together for giveaway, including Jayne McGinnis.

“It's a job of the heart, so we're going to do whatever it takes and that’s why I’m here,” said McGinnis, who has been an educator for more than twenty years.

Boxes of books, pillows, toys, and other supplies were stacked and available Thursday afternoon. It’s one of many Salvation Army groups that receive surplus items from Hallmark each year, and because Salvation Army can’t sell the items, the group gives them away.

“We noticed the sacrifice these teachers are doing, and the march in Oklahoma. We just want to give back and show them that we are here for them,” said India Noriah, Christian Education Director for the Salvation Army of Fort Smith.

Salvation Army representatives say they plan to do this again next year.