Retired Police Officer Cited After K-9 Bites Woman

K-9 Kina with Greenwood Cpl. Dennis Wisner

SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) — A retired Greenwood police officer was cited after his retired K-9 officer bit a woman in the thigh, according to Phillip Pevehouse with the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.

Former officer Dennis Wisner told deputies on April 20 that his German Shepard Kina bit someone. Wisner said his daughter let the retired K-9 out to use the bathroom when a woman walked by and tried to pet their other small dog. That’s when Kina came out of nowhere and bit the woman in the thigh, according to Pevehouse.

Wisner put Kina up for 10 days and obtained proof of a rabies vaccination.

Pevehouse said Kina’s vaccination expired March 31, but she is now current on her vaccinations. Wisner was cited on failure to update rabies vaccination.

The woman went to Mercy Clinic in Waldron for treatment. She told deputies she doesn’t want to pursue legal action, but doesn’t want something like this to happen again. Pevehouse said the investigation into the incident is over.

Wisner and Kina were both at a Sebastian County home when deputy Bill Cooper was shot and killed. Kina was also hit with bullets. Wisner and his family nursed Kina back to health and she eventually returned back to work. She retired with Wisner in July 2017.