County Line School District Bus Driver Under Investigation

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (KFSM)- The Franklin County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a County Line School District bus driver was caught on camera driving at what appears to be several miles per hour over the speed limit.

A parent posted the video on Facebook and while the sheriff's office said there may be no way to tell how fast the bus was going in the video, investigators are looking into it.

In the video, the parent claims to be driving over 40 mph and still could not keep up with the school bus at that speed.

The bus was driving on Mantooth Road, which is a dirt road.

According to the sherrif's office, state law places a 35 mph speed limit on dirt roads.

Superintendent of The County Line School District, Taylor Gattis said he is aware of the video and has spoken with the driver about it. The bus driver has driven routes since the beginning of the school year.

Gattis said he does not believe the driver would put students' safety at risk and the district has not received any complaints about the video. He said it's been more than a year since a complaint was filed against a bus driver.

Gattis said he is taking this matter seriously and is keeping the safety of students in mind.

"I don`t know how fast the bus was going in that video, but we have visited with the driver," Gattis said. "Anytime we have concerns like that, we want to try to make things better. When we do receive those calls, we look into the matter just like we would with any other issue. We want to try to see if there`s something we can improve on."

Gattis said driving on dirt roads is nothing new for the district's drivers, but he guarantees that all drivers go through extensive training and testing in order to operate the school buses.

The sheriff's office said deputies will be keeping a closer eye on bus drivers in the future.

The investigation is on-going and those with the sheriff's office will turn over any findings to the prosecuting attorney for further review.

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