Multiple Car Break-Ins In UAFS Parking Lot

FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- It's finals week and multiple cars were broken into in lot ‘A’ on the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith parking lot Sunday(May 6).

“We do not currently have a policy institutionally that say that students can or cannot take certain items in a classroom, we leave it up to discretion of the faculty members that are administering the exams,” John Post said.

Senior Logan Pearson said his professors have let him bring his backpack with him.

“I don't keep a lot of stuff of value in my car, plus after going here for four years I've never had any issues with anything happening with my car,” he said.

Lindsey Thacker parks in the lot where the break-ins happened.

“I don't really leave a whole lot in my car. I come from a really small town and we leave like everything in our car. I'm comfortable leaving my car unlocked. I don't do that here, but I've never had any problems,” she said.

The university said if you do have a professor who doesn't want students to bring anything to their finals, make sure everything in your car is out of sight and to lock your door.

“We have a very safe campus. Obviously, break-ins can happen anywhere and sometimes they do happen on college campuses around finals, so it is a good idea to put things in the trunk if plan on not taking things, but our campus is like parking anywhere else,” he said.

If you notice suspicious activity in a parking lot or anywhere on campus, they ask that you call university police.