Rogers Family Seeks Answers To Flooding Issues

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- A Rogers family is searching for answers after dealing with flooding for the past five years.

Amber Hargrove says she has had to fight back floodwaters from entering her home on Centennial Drive since 2013. She says there is a retention pond behind her house that isn't being maintained. The water goes straight into her backyard, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

"We are doing everything we can now and it's not enough," said Benjamin Walker, Hargrove's brother.

Hargrove says they have tried to receive help from the city since the flooding began, but nothing has changed.

"We had to extend the sandbags all the way into the retention pond and if you can here, there is actually dirt on top of the sandbags because that dirt was actually here. We had to dig into the retention pond to allow the water to flow," Hargrove said.

What they have to do when it floods isn't easy for Hargrove. She suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago and too much work is a strain on her body. She says her relatives are the only help she has.

"It's really hard for me to see this and try to help, but be helpless really because our funds are all limited and our reach is only so far. It really affected me emotionally to realize that I can't help her but also see how it affects her and her stress levels," Walker said.

She says she heard from a Kum and Go that has a location near the retention pond. It's the first time she heard that a company could own the pond but regardless of who owns it, she says she just wants it to be fixed.

"I want my yard back, I want my life back, I want to be able to enjoy my yard with my kids without having to run outside every time it looks like its going to rain to prepare my yard to get flooded again," Hargrove said.

5NEWS reached out to Kum and Go and they said they just learned about the issue Friday.

"Kum and Go strives to be a good neighbor to those who live nearby our stores. We're currently investigating the homeowner's concerns and will work to find a resolution as quickly as possible once we have a better understanding of the problem," the company released in a statement.

Walker said the flooding has gotten inside of his sister's home. He estimates the damage her home has seen could reach $100,000.

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