Couple Injured, Driver At Large After Hit-And-Run Motorcycle Wreck In Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Police are investigating after they say a Fort Smith couple was tossed off of their motorcycle when a car stuck them.

It happened at the intersection of Towson and South J Street on Saturday night.

Ira Prescott and his wife were hospitalized from their injuries and since have been released.

On Wednesday, Ira talked with 5NEWS, who has several broken ribs, a bruised sternum, as well as road rash on his face, arms, and side.

His wife was in too much discomfort to talk with us at the time.

Ira says they were driving home after attending the Steel Horse Rally downtown. He tells us they were riding together in the right hand lane of Towson before they were struck.

"All of a sudden the headlights just came right at me really fast and just clipped us right off of our bikes,” he said.

Ira didn’t remember much after the initial impact, but he does recall seeing a white, mustang. A chunk of the white vehicle’s bumper fell off when it collided with their bike and was left at the scene.

However, the vehicle took off and police have no details on record of it.

According to a police report, Ira and his wife were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The report also says they weren’t wearing helmets.

5NEWS reached out to The Steel Horse Rally Inc. Director Dennis Snow. He issued the following statement about motorcycle safety:

“The safety of the motorcycle riders during The Steel Horse Rally is paramount....we preach in interviews and on social media for those in the local areas to “slow down,” and “look twice, save a life.” Unfortunately when there are such a large number of motorcycles in our great city once they leave the confines of the “motorcycle only,” areas and get into regular traffic accidents can and do happen. Usually it is at no fault of the motorcycle rider. We hope and pray that anyone involved in a traffic accident with a vehicle only sustains minor injuries. Of course we also preach ‘Don’t drink and ride or drive “ and “don’t get high and ride or drive,” not only during the rally but at all times.”

Meantime, Ira can’t return to work for several weeks because of his injuries.

He and his family asking for whomever is responsible to turn themselves in to authorities.

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