New Schools Coming To Northwest Arkansas

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NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) -- Multiple school districts in Northwest Arkansas are looking at adding new schools to the area to accommodate the growth they are are seeing.

On Tuesday (May 8), Bentonville Schools held a groundbreaking ceremony for their new elementary school on Haxton Road.

Dr. Debbie Jones, the superintendent for the district, said they are now discussing the location for a new junior high school.

She said the school board will discuss placing it on land at the corner of Vaughn and Holloway Roads near Centerton at their next meeting on May 21.

In the last five years, Jones explained that Bentonville has seen a seven percent growth in their junior high population.

"It’s simply a space need," Jones said. "Children need space, classroom space in which to learn and we are seeing that our greatest growth is in the west and the south. So that is where the recommendation for the Junior High number four."

Voters in the Bentonville area approved a millage last year aimed at helping the district build these new buildings.

Jones said the cost for the new elementary school is $24 million.

Without this millage, she said building this large buildings would just cost too much.

The district expects the new elementary to open in 2019 and the new junior high to be open around 2020.

This growth is not just isolated to Bentonville.

Springdale Public Schools is also looking to add a new elementary school.

During Tuesday's (May 8) school board meeting, the purchase of around 28 acres was approved for this very project.

The district wants to build a new school at the corner of Don Tyson Parkway and George Anderson Road.

Deputy Superintendent Jared Cleveland said their most recent elementary school filled up faster than they expected and need more space for their growing student body.

He said this new building will also help them keep the community feel they like to have in their buildings.

"We want every school to feel like it’s a part of that smaller community," Cleveland said. "That way the kids know all of the kids, as they roll into a theater school, they have a larger group of influence and networking. And finally wind up in one of the three major high schools."

Cleveland said they expect to open the new elementary school in 2021.

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