Adventure Arkansas: Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

This week for Adventure Arkansas we took the Adventure Subaru on the road to Muskogee Oklahoma to the Castle of Muskogee for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. This one stands out among the rest nationwide.

“We’re definitely in the top 5 for family friendly Renaissance festivals in the country and definitely Top 10 for best renaissance festivals overall,” said Matt Hiller, VP Castle of Muskogee.

The festival is centered around Queen Elizabeth who has different royal suitors coming from across the European theater. Every weekend will be themed based on that suitor’s homeland.

“Every weekend you have a different suitor coming, tell me about that,” said Hiller. “It seems that I am a very coveted lady.”

Now be careful. There’s a jail and if your friends pay the right price, you can be thrown in.

You can also challenge your friends to several medieval games, including chucking an axe.

There is so much to eat, drink, and do. With all the shows and events, each trip you take will be new. It is recommended that you go online to look at the schedule and plan your trip.

“You’re not going to have enough time to do everything in one day,” said Hiller. “With 15 stages and 2 acts per stage, there is more than you could possibly do in a weekend.”

Time traveling Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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