Is Your Kid A Young Sheldon?

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Courtesy: CBS

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) — The CBS show Young Sheldon, a story about a boy genius growing up in East Texas, concludes its first season Thursday night (May 10). Sheldon’s once-in-a-generation mind can solve science and mathematics problems with ease, even at such a young age.

Here’s how to spot if your kid is a young genius like Sheldon.

Your child speaks and reads at an early age

By the time Sheldon is 9 years old, he’s entering high school. Sheldon becomes classmates with his older brother Georgie, who has to handle being in the same classes with his kid-genius little brother.

Unique hobbies and interests

Sheldon has a detailed knowledge of certain subjects and interests. He is obsessed with trains and space, while everyone else in his family likes football.

Long attention span and high energy level

Sheldon has a great memory and is constantly sharing his fun facts with his family and friends.

Is your kid a young genius? Comment below to tell us your kid’s smartest moment.

After the Young Sheldon finale on CBS, we’ll hear from a couple of young geniuses from our area.

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