Police Responding To Report Of Shooting At Palmdale, California School

PALMDALE, Calif. — Police in Southern California are responding to reports of a shooting at Highland High School Friday morning, and at least one person is hurt, reports CBS Los Angeles.

911 calls reported a man with a gun on campus around 7 a.m.. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says one person has been detained regarding a call over a person with a gun.

The FBI was on the scene offering assistance, reports CBS News’ senior investigative producer Pat Milton.

The station reports the person injured drove themselves to the hospital.

A message posted to Highland High School principal’s Twitter account urged everyone to stay clear of campus.

Sheriff’s deputies in Palmdale  also responded to reports of shots heard around 7:30 a.m. at Manzanita Elementary School, which is located about seven miles from Highland High, but searched the campus and said there was no evidence of a crime.