Bentonville Police Arrest Woman In Connection To Walmart Hit-And-Run

BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A woman was arrested Tuesday (May 15) in connection to a hit-and-run in a Walmart parking lot.

Police said Amy Crawford, 45, hit a woman in the Walmart parking lot at 406 S. Walton Blvd at about 11:56 a.m. Sunday (May 13).

Crawford hit the woman and then drove away when she learned that a witness called 911, according to police.

Ryan Hollingsworth was walking out of the store right after it happened.

“I`m asking what happened and the lady next me says this lady was just hit by this white car and pointed over to the car that had pulled off just a little bit,” he said.

Hollingsworth said they were focused on helping the victim, so everyone assumed the driver was going to wait for police, but a few minutes later the driver took off.

“A couple of associates from Walmart and myself seeing the car is taking off and we started running down the aisle,” he said.

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital with minor injuries.

“It`s scary to think because I have kids. You know if we`re walking across the parking lot, the last thing you think you are going to do is get hit and then after that you don`t expect that somebody is just going to take off,” he said.

Bentonville Police said thanks to another eyewitness they were able to find and arrest Crawford.

“Fortunately, a witness was able to see her leave the scene, followed her and was able to get a photograph of the license plate and that allowed us to find her and track her down,” Gene Page said.

Crawford is facing charges of leaving the scene and driving on a suspended license.