Metabolic Research Center – Daren Down 20 Pounds

“Hey guys, Daren Bobb here at Metabolic Research Center and guess what, after eight weeks I’m down 20 pounds, that’s 2/3s of the overall goal, but I’m finally at that 20-pound level,” said Daren Bobb.

“That’s about normal, you have been averaging two pounds a week that’s very normal, we see anywhere from two, three, four, five pounds a week, but you are really making lifestyle changes,” said Sarah Harper.

“Yes exactly, I have more energy and my suits fit better,” said Bobb.

“This is a safe way to lose weight, we are making sure you aren’t burning any muscle mass, everything you are burning is true body fat and that’s how you’re going to keep this weight off,” said Harper.

“Alright, 10 more pounds how difficult is it going to be,” said Bobb.

“Not difficult at all, how hard was the first 20” said Harper.

“Not at all, you’re right this will be a breeze, hopefully in the next month or five weeks I’ll be at my official goal weight, which is 30,” said Bobb.

“You can see it now,” said Harper.

“If you want to lose weight by summer, if you want to feel good by summer you have got to call the Metabolic Research Center,” said Bobb.

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