Police: Man Found Naked On Huntsville Bridge

HUNSTVILLE (KFSM) — A man is facing charges after he was found lying face down naked on Huntsville Bridge, according to Fayetteville police.

Police responded to the 800 block of S. Hoddle Pl. at about 4 a.m. for a burglary report.

The victim told police he saw a man with multiple tattoos on his home security camera. Police said the man rang the victim’s door bell and left the area. He was later identified as Robert Conn, 31.

While police were searching for Conn, dispatch informed them that a motorist was driving on the Huntsville Bridge and saw a man lying naked in the road.

Conn was found face down naked on the sidewalk. Police said he was talking him himself and acting like being naked in public was normal behavior.

According to police, Conn went into the backyard of the house on Hoddle Pl. and grabbed a shovel. He went to the front of the house and began to hit the door with the shovel. The shovel was stuck on the door, causing $500 worth of damage.

Conn is now facing charges of disorderly conduct.