Tontitown Police Urge Drivers To Slow Down On Highway 412

TONTITOWN (KFSM) -- There have been seven deaths in the last five years on a less than two mile stretch of Highway 412 in Tontitown.

Police are asking drivers to be mindful, so this number doesn't increase.

“It's not normal for a department our size to have to work that many facilities in such a small area,” Joey McCormick said.

As you are driving into Tontitown, the speed limit goes from 65, to 60 and then down to 45.

Chief Joey McCormick said ARDOT did a study on the area and found that more than 85 percent of people driving on that stretch were going over the speed limit.

“It's not like we are going out here to write the small tickets. We go out and it`s 15 and 20 over and we can get them all the time and it doesn`t seem to slow anyone down. It`s a normal occasion for us to catch someone in the 90 mile an hour zone in the 60 mile and hour zone,” he said.

ARDOT told Tonitown police if it were to drop the speed limit, it would just increase the number of people who speed.

Assistant Fire Chief Todd Witzigman said it's always very dangerous for first responders when they are responding to calls on the roadways.

“We were operating at a scene of relatively minor accident and while working that scene another accident occurred right next to us because they were watching us instead of watching the roadway in front of them,” Witzigman said.

For the next two weeks, law enforcement across our state will be participating in Click It Or Ticket. So, there will be heightened patrols everywhere you drive.