President Trump Tweets Endorsement Of Hutchinson After Meeting

Courtesy of Talk Business & Politics

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Gov. Asa Hutchinson met with President Donald Trump and four other Republican governors on Monday (May 21) to discuss border security and walked out of the White House with an endorsement from the nation’s commander-in-chief in his primary re-election bid.

Hutchinson, a former Department of Homeland Security top official, recently agreed to Trump’s request to allow a small contingency of Arkansas National Guardsmen to be deployed to the U.S. southern border. Ten members of the Arkansas National Guard were assigned by Hutchinson to the mission.

“I appreciate President Trump for hosting a handful of governors this evening at the White House to discuss important issues facing our country, including border security, global trade, and the opioid crisis, to name a few,” said Hutchinson.

After the meeting, President Trump offered an endorsement of Hutchinson in his primary challenge against Republican Jan Morgan, a Trump advocate.

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