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Adventure Arkansas: Kayaking the Mulberry River, Byrd’s Adventure Center

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Grab your oar because this week for Adventure Arkansas, we’re kayaking! However, after months of cold weather, a refresher on water laws and safety is always a good idea, so we drove the Adventure Subaru to Byrd’s Adventure Center deep in the Boston Mountains to get us ready Arkansas’ rivers this spring.

“Life jackets are key,” said Chris Marcaletti, Kayaking Guide. “You have to zip up, strap down on the sides, and pull tight here.” “Always take the rope due to the fact that person throwing the rope may see something down creek, down river that you can’t see.”

Marcaletti also had some information about maintaining your waste while on the river.

“The law is that the trash bag needs to be attached to your boat so that you can always have your trash in it,” said Marcaletti.  “If you tip, it’s not going to just float away.”

There is also no glass on any moving river in Arkansas, so Marcaletti recommends taking other options such as plastic, aluminum, or a reusable water canteen or bottle.

“When you tip the boat, you want your feet facing down creek head up, belt up, feet up, pointing down creek,” said Marcaletti. “Never ever stand up in the creek.”

After a crash course on basics, it was time to kayak.

We started and whoop and holler rapids and floated a mile west.

The Mulberry is a beautiful river with lush vegetation and rugged terrain.

“It’s a good learning creek, powerful enough that it gives you a taste but at the same time it’s calm enough you have fun with it,” said Marcaletti.

Every time you head out on the river, it has new challenges with rocks and limbs.  Chris taught me how to navigate the creek. Look for the V’s in the water!

“So we’ll hit this V in the water, this line, you see it,” said Marcaletti.

Kayaking the streams Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

Mulberry River Info

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