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Man Facing Charges After Threatening To Post Explicit Videos Of A Woman Online

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) — An Oklahoma man is facing charges after threatening to post sexually explicit videos of a woman online if she does not do what he wants, according to a preliminary arrest report.

The woman told police, Danny Vo had been threatening her and that he was driving to Fayetteville from his house. The victim told police she had been trying to separate from Vo for about a year, but he refused to end their relationship.

She told police he has been threatening to post sexually explicit videos of her online if she does not do what he wants. He said he would be at her house at 7 p.m. and that she better be there or he would start posting the videos. The victim told police that Vo had been violent toward her in the past.

Police went to the victim’s house and found Vo sitting in front of the residence. He was placed under arrest and told police that he had a handgun in the glove box.

According to police, Vo threatened to kill the victim in a recorded phone call. The victim told police that Vo had a picture of them together and a gun placed to his head and told the victim he would kill them both. According to the victim, Vo has a friend that will call him when the news reports a major shooting to make sure that he was not the shooter.

Vo was taken to the Washington County Detention Center and is facing charges of sexual extortion, terroristic threatening, harassment and loitering.

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