Memorial Day Event Showcases Services For Veterans

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)-- Along with honoring those who died for this country this Memorial Day weekend, the Springdale VFW Post 2952 Auxiliary showcased services for veterans in Northwest Arkansas Saturday (May 26).

This is the first year the group hosted their Family Freedom Festival at the Walter Turnbow Park .

As with any Memorial Day, their goal was to honor the men and women who gave everything to protect the country.

They know though that there are many veterans still with us who are seeking help but don't know where to find it.

So they decided to bring many of those services to one location.

"We really want to open the doors and windows for people to understand veterans’ needs," Auxiliary Senior Vice President Dorothy Cardiel said. "We want to network veterans’ services, we wanted to have a fun patriotic day in Downtown Springdale. And so we did a bunch of networking starting last November and here we are."

One of the groups they worked with was Soldier On Service Dogs.

The non-profit organization works to pair service dogs with soldiers who have PTSD.

Tony Kaczoroski, the development associate for the organization, said having a network of group is vital.

One of the things they hear most often from veterans is their concern that they never see any support from any of the larger organizations working to help them.

Kaczoroski said that's where smaller, local organizations come in to provide that help when needed.

"The key thing is that no one organization can be the end all be all for every veteran, or any one veteran," Kaczoroski said. "So there are veterans that come to our program that may have housing issues or financial issues or other types of issues that we can’t help them with directly. But what we do is we never say 'no, we say not yet.'"

This is something he said many other organizations do.

When they have someone in need of services they can't provide, they simply suggest them to another group they work with to make sure that need is addressed.

One piece of advice he had for veterans who may need some help and are unsure of where to go was to simply reach out.

He said those veterans are not alone.

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