Adventure Arkansas: Apple Seeds Teaching Farm

This week for Adventure Arkansas we drove the Adventure Subaru and joined Tucker Elementary on a field trip at Apple Seeds Teaching Farm in Fayetteville. Here students learn every step in what it takes to grow your own nutritious food, from planting the seed, to cooking your harvest.

“That they’ll start out doing is just learning about plants and learning about plant parts, and in a really fun way,” said Kyra Ramsey, Apple Seeds Co-Director.  “They get to dance about plant parts.”

Then it was time to get our hands dirty.

We were each given three radish seeds to bury into the soil.

“They get the actual experience of planting a seed and seeing what happens to it over time,” said Ramsey.

Once all our seeds were planted, we fast-forwarded time to the harvest.

“We actually go into the garden and harvest a vegetable for a healthy snack that they’ll make, so that’s when it really comes to life because these students go out and they pick a radish, they pick a carrot a lot of students don’t think they come the garden and the soil; so there’s a real awakening and curiosity to then try those foods back in our teaching kitchen,” said Ramsey.

“Look there’s one! That’s a good one!

“Then after harvesting they go into our kitchen and they actually make a really healthy snack,” said Ramsey. “And then they use the vegetables that they harvested as little dippers.

The teaching kitchen combines a fun cooking class with age appropriate math and real hands on learning. Many of the students I spoke with said they have never had the opportunity to grow or cook their own fresh food.  They were so proud to be eating their new creation they picked from the garden themselves.

“I think when they have a hand in picking something out, they’re much more willing to try it,” said Ramsey.

With Adventure Arkansas and planting the seeds where you live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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