Tontitown Police Investigate Westbrook Subdivision Vehicle Break-Ins

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TONTITOWN (KFSM) -- Tontitown police are investigating a set of vehicle break-ins that took place Wednesday night after they received multiple calls Thursday morning.

Captain Wes Hart said at least three vehicles had windows busted and items taken.

"There has been over $10,000 worth of credit card transactions at the Pineville, Joplin and Neosho area," Hart said. "So we are working to track those transactions down so we have over $10,000 worth of charges. Let alone, that’s not including property damage to the vehicles."

Police believe those that were targeted had items in the vehicle that attracted the attention of those responsible.

Kristen Stewart said that was the case for her car.

When she arrived home Wednesday night, she said she locked her car and went inside.

The next morning, she went outside to find someone found another way in.

"I actually was just waking up for work and my dad woke me up and was like your window got busted open," Stewart said. "I was like there’s no way and then I came outside. It was busted open. First I looked for my chargers and stuff but they were still there. I was like they didn’t steal anything but then I realized my purse and my wallet were gone."

Stewart said they have never had anything bad happen in the area and she didn't think much of it when she left her things in her car.

Not too long ago, her sister-in-law had items taken from her car but Stewart said the door was unlocked.

Since then, they have tried to be careful.

"We always leave our porch light on and lock the doors since her car got stolen into and it's scary," Stewart said. "You never know, if they’re going to break the window on your car, who knows if they’re going to break the window on your house one day."

Hart advised everyone to make sure they take items out of their car if they plan to leave it out in the open.

He said people will go around looking inside vehicles looking for things like wallets and purses.

Stewart said she has heard this a million times but after this incident, she will take it a little more seriously.

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