Crawford County Nets Five Arrests In Drug Bust

MULBERRY (KFSM) — Police arrested a Mulberry couple and three others linked to a drug-trafficking ring involving roughly 20 customers.

Following a months long investigation into drug activity at Ralph and Karen Ridenour’s home on Old Graphic Road, police searched the property Thursday (May 31), finding several individually packaged bags of methamphetamine and marijuana, three firearms, scales and packaging material, a stolen all-terrain vehicle, as well as and unstable and unsafe blasting caps — which were given to the Fort Smith bomb squad for disposal.

The Ridenours were arrested, along with three others — David Morse, Richard Ross and Eric Kriby — who were living in the home and found in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia, according to police.

Police said they’d received reports dating back three years that the home had been used for drug trafficking.

The investigation was a joint effort between the 12th and 21st District Drug Task Force, Mulberry police, and the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

The Crawford County prosecutor’s office thank investigators for their cooperation, adding that when “working together, our communities are better.”

The 12th and 21st District Drug Task Force consists of investigators from police departments in Greenwood, Fort Smith as well as the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office.