Garden Hose Hazards In The Heat

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- As the outdoor temperature rise, firefighters are warning people about the dangers of garden hoses.

It’s frequently used as a way to cool down, but, when the appliance is left outside in the sunshine all day or even just a few hours, it can warm up considerably.

“People don't realize the water sitting inside the hose. It can get anywhere from 100 to 150 degrees,” said Chris Brigance with the Fort Smith Fire Department.

Brigance says 140 degrees Fahrenheit can cause third degree burns, and kids aged five and under are more susceptible to injuries because of their thinner skin.

A freak accident happened in Las Vegas two years ago when a baby sustained blistering burns of 30 percent of his body after his mom accidentally splashed him with scalding hot water from a garden hose in the sun all day.

Although these incidents are reportedly rare across the country and in our area, they can happen to people or pets.

Brigance advises parents to take rather obvious steps to prevent their children from harming themselves. First and foremost, he says parents should supervise their child. Secondly, make sure you run the water from the hose before you use it to cool off.

He advises you let the water flow for two minutes before you use it.

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