Man On Parole Arrested After Fleeing From Investigators in Barling

BARLING (KFSM) — Investigators arrested a man on parole after he ran from them during a suspicious activity call.

The Barling Police and the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office deputies were on the scene about 11:30 a.m. at a home on Angela Circle in Barling. Police said they responded to a call of suspicious activity at the home, which burned a couple of months ago. A vehicle was reported parked in front of the burned-out home.

As they arrived and began checking on the vehicle and the residence, Cody Harris ran from them, police said. Harris is on parole, police said, but they did not specify why.

Police and deputies found Harris about 35 minutes later at a home next door. He was arrested, along with Cheryl Randalls, the woman who let him into the home.

The person who owned the vehicle parked in front of the damaged home, Richard Owens of California, was also arrested, as was his passenger, Johnathan Vanmeter.

Investigators said they found methamphetamine inside the vehicle.