Adventure Arkansas: True Grit Bike Ride

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This week for Adventure Arkansas we spoke with local cyclists who are gearing up for the true grit ride this year.

We drove the Adventure Subaru to the Chaffee Crossing area to learn about the ride, discover the necessary training that goes into this event, and to realize the impacts this regional ride has on the community.

“It is a charity ride sponsored by the Clearing House here in Fort Smith to raise money for their charity, for food, the backpack ministries people do,” said Carl Norris, True Grit Cyclist.

There are various lengths that cyclists can sign up for, including a ten-mile, 30 mile, 45 mile, 63 mile, and an enduring 105 mile course.

“Everyone has their own objective,” said Norris. “For some it is a certain time or maybe the best time they’ve ever ridden that far; so, it is an individual event with individual objectives.”

Someone cannot just hop on a bike and easily bike over a hundred miles without any training.

These cyclists gave us some insight on what it’s like preparing for a such a long ride.

“You have to have that base in. You have those long rides and you start increasing more and more. The last week I’ll slow down, but I’ll also carbo load and eat a lot of carbs,” said Lloyd Hanning, True Grit Cyclist. “Load up with protein for three days and in the last three or four days do carbs and protein gives you that base that you’ll carry over into it.”

“We’ve had several people in Fort Smith since we’ve started this event who have set a milestone for themselves of 50 miles or 62 miles, but with having this event in town, it gives them a goal, an objective, or an opportunity to ride farther than they’ve ever ridden before and get that sense of accomplishment without having to travel overnight or doing it somewhere else,” said Bob Robinson, True Grit Cyclist.”

With Adventure Arkansas and preparing for the true grit Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

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