Metabolic Research Center – Summer Slim Down Challenge

“Hey, it’s Daren Bobb we are at the Metabolic Research Center and I’m down another three more pounds despite my Memorial Day weekend, so I’ve got six more to go until I reach my goal,” said Daren Bobb.

“Can you believe it,” said Sarah Harper with Metabolic Research Center.

“Just in time for summer, we are talking about a summer slim down challenge this sounds difficult, but I know it’s not at all,” said Bobb.

“It’s not difficult at all it’s a two-week menu plan that’s really going to help boost your metabolism help you get out of a rut and you can lose up to ten pounds in this two weeks,” said Harper.

“Summer is always busy, people are never at home you are never eating like you are supposed to this will get you through it,” said Bobb.

“We can get you through it, it’s a good kick start for the summer,” said Harper.

“You can still sign up for it anytime come on it and it’s a two-week program, I’m telling you, you’ll feel better and it will be fantastic,” said Bobb. “If you want to lose weight before the end of summer you got to call Metabolic Research Center.”

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