Fans Get Ready For Baseball Super Regional Weekend

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFSM) -- Thousands of fans flocked to Baum Stadium Saturday (June 9) for the start of the Baseball Super Regional Tournament, most had one thing on their mind, "We're going to Omaha," said fan Chris Richards.

As the Razorbacks battled the  South Carolina Gamecocks, spectators had a battle of their own with the heat.

“I got water it don’t matter. I got a lot of water because we’re gonna beat the Gamecocks," said Richards.

“Sunscreen for tomorrow and if we win, I’ll feel real comfortable. I’m going to be a little tense coming into that elimination game if we lose so we don’t want that," said Chris Simpson.  He and his son have followed the Hogs for the past 13 years; they believe the team this year has a definite shot at making it all the way.

“I just hope if Casey Murphy doesn't show up our relievers will get the job done," said Simpson's son Will.

 If the Hogs can pull out another win in Game 2 they'll be heading to the College World Series next.