Voters Could Decide To Make All Of Prairie Grove A Wet City

PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) -- Over the weekend signatures were collected in Prairie Grove Town Center in hopes of letting voters decide if alcohol could be sold in downtown.

Right now, the city is wet, but there is a square mile of downtown that is dry; it's a rule that was implemented years ago.

Supporters say allowing alcohol sales would be an economic advantage for the downtown area -- which is undergoing an upgrade in an effort to draw more visitors.

Those opposed to alcohol sales say it could put an additional burden on law enforcement and be a safety issue.

"It's going to add shops and a different thing, because people ask us daily 'where can you eat, where's a great place if you want a hamburger or if you want Mexican food' and they need some other places.  I think it's good for the city ... new business, new revenue, new people," said petition coordinator Larry Nelson.

One-thousand signatures are required for the petition to be considered for the November 6 election.

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