Adventure Arkansas: Rogers Aquatic Center

This week for Adventure Arkansas we drove the Adventure Subaru to the Rogers Aquatic Center to have some fun and to beat the heat.

I spoke with some of the lifeguards, and they say that people out of state even make the trip to Rogers.

“A lot of people come from different states to come here, so that’s really awesome,” said Kimi Davis, Lifeguard Supervisor. “We have a bowl slide, and I don’t think Springdale has one of those, or Bentonville, so the attraction makes it super awesome to come to.”

This is what everyone talks about, so it was then my turn to try the toilet bowl slide. You go down a dark tube and you get flung out into an open circular bowl where you ring the rim a few times and eventually get flushed.

“I think just having the big diversity of slides is a good reason,” said Peter Kim, Lifeguard Supervisor.  “Some people come for the bowl, but instead of riding the bowl all the time, you can go on the speed slides or the body slides; so, the diversity of the slides and how you can race them.”

If slides are not your thing, there is also a lap pool, used for swimming or basketball, a diving well, children’s pools, a lazy river, a rock wall, and so much more.

You can’t get bored on your afternoon visit.

You also can’t get bored on your night visits too with park after dark.

“We have Park After Dark which is just a time where we open our water park at night and a lot of people enjoy that,” said Kim. “Normally it’s a daytime activity and having the lights on and music with a DJ that comes, different characters that come and show up so that’s pretty fun.”

With Adventure Arkansas, enjoying the water parks Where You Live, I’m 5NEWS Meteorologist Matt.

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