Pea Ridge Police Release More Photos Of Theft Suspects

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM) — The Pea Ridge Police Department posted more photos on its Facebook page Thursday night asking for the public’s help in identifying two theft suspects.

The police are asking the public for their help in identifying a woman and a man caught on surveillance cameras. The case involves vehicle break-ins with stolen credit or debit cards being used at area businesses.

Chief Ryan Walker of the Pea Ridge police said the couple has been entering unlocked cars and taking credit cards. Walker said they tend to use the cards at various businesses before the owners realize the cards have been stolen and have them canceled.

Police posted photos on June 8 of the female suspect, and followed that up June 14 with more photos of what appears to be the same woman, but this time with a man.

“We’ve always known there were two suspects,” Walker said. “But this may be the first time we got a shot of him as well.”

The latest photos show tattoos on the woman’s left hand above her wrist between her thumb and index finger. Another tattoo, possibly a diamond, appears to be on the top of her right wrist. A third tattoo, of a coiled snake with its head raised, can be seen on the inside of her left forearm. The woman is seen wearing a pink floral, sleeveless dress and brown loafers.

The male in the photos is shown wearing a bright blue shirt, khaki pants and a gray or green stocking cap.

Pea Ridge police are offering a free dinner in any restaurant in the city to the person who can positively identify the suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Pea Ridge Police at (479) 451-8220.

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