Flavors: Mockingbird Kitchen, Comfort Food With A Twist

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Hey guys Megan Graddy here with this week’s Flavors today we are off College in Fayetteville at the Evelyn Hill Shopping Center to visit Mockingbird Kitchen. They are known for their comfort food with a twist let’s head inside and check things out.

“You’re putting your pride into what you are doing and to see people enjoy that every day is a true pleasure,” said Chrissy Sanderson, Chef at Mockingbird Kitchen.

Chef Chrissy was selected by USA Today in the March article 50 states: 50 female chefs.

“It was an honor to be able to represent the female chefs of the state of Arkansas,” said Sanderson.

Co-Owner Leigh Helm said they just celebrated their 2-year anniversary.

“We have been in Fayetteville a long time and we have always wanted to open our own business,” said Helm. “If you like good food, you’ll enjoy Mockingbird Kitchen.”

“We are open Tuesdays through Sundays, we have brunch on the weekends and lunch and dinner throughout the week,” said Sanderson.

“It’s all made so fresh, everything is made fresh,” said Helm.

“We’ve got lots of great vegetarian options, we have a veggie burger and a farro stir fry that’s very popular with vegans,” said Sanderson.

“We also have a pimento cheeseburger that’s got a toasted English muffin, a grass-fed hamburger patty, our house made pimento cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and our sweet and spicy mustard,” said Helm.

“For our cobb salad we get locally sourced produce with a seven-minute egg, local meats like ham, turkey, and bacon, a homemade buttermilk dressing, and some edamame which is a soybean that Arkansas is known for growing,” said Sanderson.

“We also have duck two-ways, a confit duck and a breast that we braise and smoke and then we put that over sweet potato mash and sautéed greens with a BBQ sauce,” said Helm.

“When you come to Mockingbird Kitchen you should expect fresh food, we cook it to order and you’re going to feel good about what you ate,” said Sanderson.

“It’s delicious locally sourced food that’s made with fresh ingredients as well as care and love,” said Chaddie Platt frequent customer and friend of Mockingbird Kitchen.

“We hope to open their palette to something new, yet familiar,” said Helm. “We really want you to enjoy food in Fayetteville.”

“That wonderful food buzz that you get when you have a great meal for me, as a chef, that’s what we all want,” said Sanderson.

“And of course, that they leave wanting to come back,” said Helm.

“Save a little room for their mockingbird pie, because it is well worth it,” said Platt.

Enjoying comfort food Where You Live, I’m Megan Graddy with this week's Flavors.

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USA Today: 50 States, 50 Female Chefs

  • Featuring: Chef Chrissy Sanderson of Mocking Bird Kitchen

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