Misdiagnosed Veteran Shares Story After Pathologist Is Fired

FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) --  A federal investigation continues after the Veterans Health Care of the Ozarks (VHSO)  fired a a pathologist for allegedly working while impaired.

VHSO is continuing  to review thousands of the accused doctors cases for misdiagnosis, seven high-risk cases have been flagged.

VHSO patient Lonnie Young is one of the seven.

"On April 19th my diagnosis was incorrect," Young said

"I was told that I had cancer then I was told that I didn't have cancer."

Young has been battling prostate cancer for nearly a decade, and was one of the patients for the pathologist who was fired.

"Since I found out about this I've been kind of numb."

The VA has hired a team of 30 outside pathologists to help review 19,794 cases headed by the allegedly impaired doctor .

Moving forward Young said, "I'd like to make sure that they do have a third person that can ensure that the two doctors have done their job."

When asked about the pathologist who misdiagnosed him, Young said:

"If he was involved in any individuals passing because of his negligence, have him charged with some type of a crime."

The VA says it will take several months to review all of the cases.