Art Students Wrap Up “Project Drainbow”, A Program Bringing Awareness To Pollution In Fort Smith

FORT SMITH(KFSM) - Art students from Northside High School and Southside High School are spending their summer break out in their community.

"Project Drainbow" was created by Keep Fort Smith Beautiful and sponsored by local couple Mike and Donna Stec.

Through the project the students will be painting murals on 12 storm drains around the city.

Students we talked to said the brightly-colored artwork will serve as a reminder to people where the litter they throw on the ground ends up; polluting our local waterways.

Students also told us they are proud to live in a city that will let them do something like this.

"I think its really cool because most of the time people draw on the walls and its graffiti, but we get to do it for free and we don't go to jail or get a fine," Northside Senior Tadareonna Thomas joked, "I think that's pretty cool."

The idea came from Keep Fort Smith Beautiful Board President, Patrick Charlton.

"Over the years, traveling, I've seen drain art in a lot of bigger cities, even in NWA. The last few years there's been an initiative here in Arkansas, a lot of indviduals and groups are taking on for projects like these."

Charlton says they decided their projects on a year-to-year basis, but he and the students would love to revisit Project Drainbrow.

"We really hope to do this in the future, it's been a tremendous success and just a positive event all around", Charlton said.

If you would like to visit the locations, you can find more information on their Facebook page.