Drivers Beware: Tire Blowout Season

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Vehicle tires take a beating this time of year with hotter days, increased long-distance travel, and overloaded vehicles.

That’s why May through the end of September has become known over the years as “tire blowout season”.

The blowouts are not only an inconvenience to people, but they can cause fatal wrecks.

Therefore, the best way to prevent a blowout is to know the signs that your tires are not performing optimally. It’s also equally as important to become educated on how to take care of a minor problem before it turns into something major.

5NEWS talked with Brian Grizzle of Jim Grizzle Tire Co. on Towson Avenue in Fort Smith about the warning signs.

“A steering wheel shake, even if it’s in the back, maybe a shake in the back of the seat,” Grizzle explained. He added that you will typically notice the shake when you’re going 50 to 60 mph.

Also, he said difficulty steering your vehicle will be an indication that your tires are worn down, too.

As for maintaining your tire quality, Grizzle said to check the air pressure every two-to-three weeks, especially when the temperature outdoors fluctuates. Tires also should be rotated every 5,000 miles, according to him.

“As long as you can keep your air pressure checked up, and rotated, and balanced and keeping an eye on them, helps a lot,” Grizzle said.

Jim Grizzle Tire Co. and other companies offer a service where they can pump nitrogen into your vehicle’s tires to ensure the pressure inside stays more stable.

Grizzle said they charge about $9 for that service.

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