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“Hey, it Daren Bobb we are at Metabolic Research Center with my best friend Sarah and you caught me eating this what has to be incredibly unhealthy breakfast cheesecake pudding dessert, there is no way this is healthy,” said Daren Bobb.

“It’s healthy, so I’m glad you like it, I can tell you that it is healthy and it’s one of the recipes we give to our clients and can you believe that’s cottage cheese instead of cream cheese,” said Sarah Harper Metabolic Research Center.

“Is that right,” said Bobb.

“Fresh strawberries, I put Splenda instead of real sugar so it’s absolutely fine for you to have,” said Harper.

“This is one of how many recipes you have and find on your website,” asked Bobb.

“We have tons of recipes on our website and we want you to have a good variety and things you like and change it up for you, so you aren’t eating the same things all the time,” said Harper.

“I think I got into a little rut, but after I saw this dessert I was set and it’s one of the many recipes you can get on their website; if you want to lose weight and still eat fantastic call the Metabolic Research Center,” said Bobb.

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