Flavors: Ed Walker’s Drive In, Celebrating 75 Years

Hey guys Megan Graddy here for this week’s Flavors today we are at Ed Walker’s Drive In where they are known for their world famous French dip and known even more for their great hospitality.

“Ed Walker’s is celebrating it’s 75th year here in Fort Smith we are the oldest restaurant in Fort Smith we’ve been a staple for years and we have a pretty wide variety,” said owner of Ed Walker’s Drive In, Ted Cserna.

They are known for their hand patted burgers, delicious crisp house salads, giant 5 lb burger, and of course their French dip.

With a reputation like Ed Walker’s they bake 7 days a week.

“We bake all kinds of desserts, cookies, cakes, banana pudding, you name it,” said Cserna. “Customers appreciate getting to see the same smiling faces every time they come in and having them know what you drink and it waiting for you on the table is a  big deal,” said Cserna.

For this week’s Flavors I’m Megan Graddy from Ed Walker’s Drive In.

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