Dog Flu Detected In Northwest Arkansas

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Several cases of the Dog Flu have been spotted nationwide, recently two cases have been reported in Washington County.

The Springdale Animal Hospital has a shipment of dog influenza vaccines on back order to help combat the spread of the virus locally.

Local veterinarian Dr. Randall Betts said the virus can be aggressive causing severe respiratory infections to your pet, including pneumonia.

"Usually self-limiting lasts between two or three weeks but it can be fatal." said Dr. Betts.

The virus is easily transferable just like the human flu, "It can be transferred on our clothing, collars, leashes and bedding, it exist in the environment if its not clean for at least 48 hours, or on our clothes for about 12 hours."

The news is frightening for fur mom Ebony Walker who said she has never heard of the virus.

"I board him and the vet does have certain vaccines that they must have, but I would really like this to be one of them." said Walker.

A few signs and symptoms all pet owners should look out for are runny nose paired with a green discharge and excessive coughing.

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