People Rally in Fayetteville Against Family Separation

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Almost a 1,000 people turned out to rally at the Fayetteville Square to send a message to the U.S. president and Republicans in Congress:  "Families Belong Together."

Danielle Rust was one of those people.  She has four nieces and nephews and said she couldn't imagine them being locked up.

“It would break my heart seeing it and they do not deserve it. No children deserve this and I just don't see why this is necessary. Why the Trump administration thinks it's necessary. It is not a deterrent, it is just breaking families,” she said.

Jules Taylor said people have to get out there and speak up to go against everything America does not stand for.

As a preschool teacher this has been weighing heavy on her.

“All that I could think about all month were all the photos and all the tapes that I was hearing of all the children that were screaming and wanting their parents and those were the kids I was working with at that time....same age, babies,” she said.

Amanda Aristondo spoke to the crowd at the rally.  She immigrated here from Guatemala more than 20 years ago.

“We came on a visa and we decided to stay. It was wonderful for us to be here and this country and see that we can go to the store at night or do whatever and feel safe,” she said.

She said last year her family received a letter saying they were going to be separated, but luckily that hasn`t happened.

Her daughter recently beat cancer and needs her family here for support.

“When we heard we may be separated, I had no words to say how we feel, but we feel sad, scared and we could not sleep thinking about that,” she said.

She said they are happy to have an extension on their visa and like thousands more, they're hoping for something permanent.

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