Hackett Man Arrested After Counterfeit $20 Passed At Hugs And Biscuits

Randall Wayne Fletcher

HACKETT (KFSM) — A Hackett man was arrested Saturday after Sebastian County sheriff’s deputies say he tried to use a counterfeit $20 to pay for a tank of gas.

Randall Wayne Fletcher was arrested on charges of first-degree forgery of money and theft of motor fuel.

Deputies were called to the Hugs and Biscuits convenience store in Hackett on Saturday after the clerk told them a man tried to pay $13.50 in gas with a counterfeit $20 bill. The deputies noted that the bill didn’t feel like U.S. currency, had Asian writing on it and had written in small print, “This note is not legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

The clerk identified Fletcher as the man who gave her the $20 bill and said when she confronted him about the bill be fake, he told her he would run to his home a couple of minutes away and get an authentic $20 bill. However, he never returned, the clerk told deputies.

Deputies said they went to Fletcher’s home and brought him in for questioning. He told deputies he got the bill at the Greenwood Walmart after using a $50 to pay for Gatorade and Twizzlers. However, when deputies told him they didn’t believe his story, he became irate and asked for an attorney. Deputies said they ended the interview, but Fletcher “began to rant” and said during the rant that, “it was counterfeit for a reason. It wasn’t made to look real.”

Fletcher was booked into the Sebastian County Jail, where he was released on $3,500.

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