Feral Kittens In Greenwood Need Homes To Avoid Euthanasia

GREENWOOD (KFSM) -- The City of Greenwood is looking to find homes for an abundance of feral kittens recently taken off of the streets.

According to Greenwood Animal Control Officer Jerrod Ricketts, they’ve recently gotten several calls from people in the Northern section of the city after kittens started to make their way into peoples’ homes.

Ricketts said there are about three litters of cats in just one small section of the city.

On Wednesday (July 11), the Greenwood Veterinary Hospital were housing about a dozen kittens with plans to acquire about 10 more by the end of the day.

“It’s an ongoing battle. I’m a one-man shop,” Ricketts said.

The problem, Ricketts says, is the city can’t afford to keep this number of kittens for an extended period of time. They also can’t pass them onto other shelters because they’re facing the same overcapacity problems.

He adds that summertime is a busy time at animal shelters throughout the area.

“I can`t hold onto cats and dogs indefinitely; It could lead to euthanasia,” Ricketts explained.

So, by Monday, the kittens collected will have to be put down if they can’t find homes.

Currently, the hospital has found a few people to foster the cats, but they still are seeking permanent homes.

If interested, contact the Greenwood Veterinary Hospital at (479) 996-4127.

The kittens are too young to be spayed and neutered, so it will be up to its new owner to do that.

As many people already know, spaying and neutering animals is the best way to cut back on the feral cat population from growing any further

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