Freedom From Religion Foundation Sends Letter To Local Schools Claiming Constitutional Violation

WALDRON (KFSM)-- On June 29, 2018 The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin, sent a letter to the Waldron School District claiming a football camp held at the school violated the constitution. The group said a football camp was held at Bulldog Stadium on June 5, 2018 where players were "subjected to christian proselytizing" by evangelist Konnor McKay.

McKay is a Waldron graduate, former football player and current pastor at a Waldron church. He said he was invited to give a motivational speech to the group by the Waldron head football coach. He said the group, The Freedom From Religion Foundation does not understand what happened at the camp.

"I was honored to go and be able to share with them and I did invoke and quote a scripture, I used the scripture that says, 'AsĀ  iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another', however it was only meant to be uplifting to the players and the coaches as well," McKay said.

McKay's lawyer, Mike Berry with First Liberty based out of Texas said the groups actions with the letter are a bullying tactic.

"My fear, that what is going on here is that The Freedom From Religion Foundation is trying to use the fact that Konnor is a Pastor, as some kind of test, to say that he's not allowed to go and talk to football players. Well, that's unconstitutional. That shows anti religious hostility," Berry said.

Attorney with the Freedom From Religion Foundation group, Colin McNamara said they have also sent similar letters to seven schools across Arkansas and Oklahoma.

"The First Amendment itself is designed to protect people with minority views from an authoritarian majority. Just saying we have no problem with this does not solve the issue," McNamara said. "So, by these public football coaches bringing in these preachers to speak to these kids they are using their position to endorse religion to these kids and that's where the constitutional violation comes in."

The group also mentioned a football camp held at Hackett High School. Click here to read that letter.

The group said as of right now they are waiting on response from the schools where the letters were sent.

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