Hot Enough To Bake Cookies In Car


We're in the heart of summer and temperatures are on the rise. Today was one of the hottest days of the year, almost reaching 100 degrees.

It was so hot outside that we were able to bake cookies in the car.

We placed the cookie dough on the car's dashboard before peak heating. Throughout the afternoon, we checked the temperature inside the car and on the cookie sheet. And, it heated up quickly. In order to be safe to eat, the cookies needed to reach 170 degrees, and it surpassed that within two hours. With a few more hours of baking in the sun, the cookie dough transformed into chewy cookies.

In the same amount of time, the air temperature inside of the car rose 20 degrees. A person sitting inside of the car could have easily overheated. For just this year alone, there have been 22 child heat related deaths across the country.

Temperatures the next few days will continue to rise.


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