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Adventure Arkansas: Silver Dollar City, Part 2 – Time Traveler

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“Are you ready Glen,” asked Matt Standridge. “Oh yeah I’m ready,” said Glen

Brace yourself because this week for Adventure Arkansas because we are going back in time on Silver Dollar City’s newest roller coaster.

We drove our Adventure Subaru to Branson, Missouri to go behind the scenes and learn about how this ride was chosen and to check it out for ourselves.

“Picking an attraction is a huge undertaking and there is a lot of work that goes into it; however, once we figure out where we want to put it we’ll start talking with roller coaster manufacturers or ride manufacturers to see if they can give us what we want,” said Dalton Fischer, Silver Dollar City. “We definitely want something in this case a world’s first, fastest, steepest, spinning coaster.”

As soon as you enter the line, get ready for an immersive experience as a clock maker tries to master time traveling.

“The story of Time Traveler is that you are entering a clock factory on the outskirts of Silver Dollar City,” said Fischer. “It’s right by Thunderation and this clock factory is owned by Charles Henry.” “Although it is fiction Charles is really fascinated by the idea of time travel, so when you actually go through the ride, the bottom area is a shipping and receiving area for the clock factory, the second floor is the offices of clock factory and finally the third floor you see the time machines and you are ready to board for your own time travel experiment.”

My new buddy glen and i left the station for quite a fun ride. While doing several loops and turns, your car slowly rotates, creating an experience you can only get at Silver Dollar City.

“What’s important about this ride is that it has a controlled spin,” said Fischer. “I like to call it a dampened spin... Instead of doing this, it’s more like a gradual turning.” “We are actually tracking people from all over the world coming to Silver Dollar City in the Ozarks of Missouri just to ride time traveler. “

So, I just got off the Time Traveler ride. It is so much fun so make sure you take the time and one to Silver Dollar City to time travel. That will do it this week for Adventure Arkansas. I’m Meteorologist Matt Standridge.

Silver Dollar City

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