Metabolic Research Center – Maintaining Weight Loss For Good

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“Thirty pounds gone forever, never to come back,” said Daren Bobb. “It means now in my weight loss journey and yours as well once you reach your goal it’s time to go on maintenance, so you don’t gain that weight back, how easy is it to transition into maintenance.”

“It’s easy we are going to start today and transition you it’s about a three-week period of making changes to your menu and then we give you a menu to follow forever,” said Sarah Harper.

“That’s what keeps the weight off, because most of the time you gain the weight back without some kind of help without some type of encouragement,” said Bobb.

“Yeah, it’s easy to gain it back it you fall back into your old lifestyle, but you’ve learned so many great habits now it isn’t coming back,” said Harper.

“If you want to lose weight and keep it off you need to call Metabolic Research Center,” said Bobb.

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