Flavors: Bruce Terri Drive In’s Award Winning Catering

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“My daddy built this restaurant and he named it after my brother and I, Bruce and I’m Terri so it became, Bruce Terri and that’s how it got started,” said Terri Peacock.  “We’ve been in business in this location for 48 years and we just keep growing.”

We are back at Bruce Terri and this time we are talking about catering and its growth has no bounds.

“We love doing that because you can go out and meet new people this way, we’ve gone up to Springfield, Missouri, Little Rock, Tulsa,” said Terri.

“From a burger, to catching, to BBQ, we’ve done some Christmas parties with a Fajita bar or Lasagna salad and breadsticks,” said Chuck Peacock. “Our catfish is normally done on site.”

“Everything we do is fresh, nothing is made from a can or out of a jar we make it all from scratch,” said Terri.

“We listen to what their needs are, and we will do whatever they want done,” said Chuck.

“We do family picnics, we do cooperate events, we do things for the hospitals here in town, we do birthdays, weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners,” said Terri.

“We try to take care of people and we are not your typical fast food place,” said Chuck.

“We can do the whole thing we don’t have to just do the meal, we do desserts and drinks also,” said Terri.

Speaking of desserts.

“The most popular desserts are our ice cream and strawberries or our ice cream and cobbler,” said Terri. “And it’s nice to be catered to so you don’t have to fix it.”

Their service and food speak for itself, but…

“We ended up winning the Best of the Best for catering, so we just want to thank our customers for doing that for us and we look forward to doing more catering for you,” said Terri.

“Both of our sons work within the business and we are a very family-oriented business,” said Chuck.

“We are a mom-and-pop restaurant our son is going to take over one day and we’re just excited about that because the legacy will live on,” said Terri.

“I’d be the third generation and it just means so much to me to get to carry this on and hopefully pass it down to my kids and one day see another fourth generation going,” said Kyrk Peacock.

“When you come in we know your name and we know your drink and it will hit the counters and be waiting for you,” said Chuck.

“We want you to come as a customer, but we want you to leave as a friend,” said Terri.

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