Toasty And Muggy Weekend

This weekend will be another hot and humid one. The summer-like weather pattern remains across the southern Great Plains, resulting in temperatures on the rise and afternoon spotty showers and storms. This pattern remains throughout the weekend before a weak cold front moves in midweek.



Heat advisories are in effect again this afternoon for the counties in orange. This lasts from 1PM until 7PM. Heat indexes will ranging from 105 to 110 degrees.


High temperatures today will be ranging from the low 90s to the high 90s. Some places might be seeing triple digits.


Futurecast 10AM - A few folks in Northwest Arkansas might see rain showers late to mid morning. However, most people will be staying dry. Spotty showers and storms are possible in the afternoon.


Rain chances over the weekend are low. But, a weak cold front moves through the area by Tuesday, providing more widespread rain.